I'm a writer/editor based in Brooklyn.

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Right now, I'm a staff writer for SELF, where I serve as a jill of all trades.

Since I started there in February 2016, I've written 1,486 stories across all of our verticals—news/politics, culture/lifestyle, love/sex, health, fitness, and food. I've penned copy for Snapchat Discover, assembled newsletters, run a niche Facebook page, managed and edited freelancers, and published some of our highest-performing stories of all time.

I keep my skill-set versatile so I can lend a hand when- and wherever needed. In our industry, disruption is imminent. It's also exciting. I thrive in environments that prize innovation and experimentation; I'm more than happy to pitch or adapt to new strategies that would further benefit the reader and the brand.


Watching: The L Word.
Reading: Sandra Lee Bartky's Femininity and Domination.
Listening to: Chapo Trap House, Janelle Monae.

Guilty pleasure: Personality tests. Also, bagels.
Myers-Briggs: ENTJ.
Enneagram: 3. (Tri-type: 358.)