Let’s work together.

Hey there! I'm a digital content creator with extensive experience in the fashion, lifestyle, and culture space—and an insatiable desire to learn everything I can about the media industry.

I cut my teeth working in fashion closets and interning in digital editorial departments before honing my health reporting skills at SELF. There, I covered everything from news/politics/culture to health/fitness/food/sex—and every day, I cherished the variety. I then moved to StyleCaster, where I furthered my passion for content strategy and developed my skills as a manager. I oversaw two of the site's four verticals, and spent my days writing, editing, diving into analytics, and more.

In 2016, I noticed gaps in my industry knowledge; my undergraduate journalism education had prepared me to be a dynamic writer, editor, and content creator, but I wanted to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the media industry. So I completed a publishing master's program at NYU, where I studied accounting, marketing, management, web architecture, and user experience design.

I'm constantly looking for opportunities to learn something new and expand my skillset, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to collaborate! I’d love to:
- Write for you.
- Edit something you’ve written.
- Design and build your website. (Or style guide. Or other branded imagery.)
- Help you hone your content strategy. (Or your social media strategy.)

I thrive in environments that prize innovation, creativity, and quality. A good editor knows how to meet KPIs. A great one knows how to meet KPIs while delivering thoughtful, genuinely interesting content. In 2019, numbers aren’t enough; user-centric content is. And I know how to deliver it.