a little about lindsey


Hey there.

I'm a writer and editor based in New York City. 

Right now, I'm an associate editor for SELF.com's culture team—meaning I spend my days writing feminist essays, hot takes on health care policy, and wellness trend explainers. I aim to keep my reporting engaging, thought-provoking, and fun (when appropriate). 

My goals are straightforward:

1. Add to the conversation. There's a lot of junk online these days, and I'd rather tell a new story—or tell a story in a new way—than write-around someone else's piece. How can I add value to a reader's life? 
2. Keep my writing reader-friendly. Health care policy is dense. So is abortion legislation. So is feminism. These topics are important, but there's little reason to write about them if the reader gets bored two paragraphs in. So I try to stay creative. How can I format this to maximize reader engagement? Can I make this piece more accessible by adding voice or a human interest angle? 


Watching: Mad Men.
Reading: Sandra Lee Bartky's Femininity and Domination.
Listening to: Media, tech, and true crime podcasts (Sword and Scale is a current favorite).

Guilty pleasure: Personality tests—and bagels.
Myers-Briggs: ENTJ (turning I by the day).
Enneagram: 3.